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MB&F Mad One

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Iconeek is proud to introduce here a mint, superb and attractive unusual wristwatch by Maximilien Busser: the M.A.D 1. For the past 16 years, MB&F founder Maximilian Büsser has been creating other-worldly timekeeping machines – but he has also been playing with a side project for a while now: creating a more accessible machine, under another label, but always with the crazy MB&F touch. The result: “M.A.D.1”. The model’s fully visible triple-blade, titanium and tungsten rotor winds one of the rare automatic movements with unidirectional winding, the reliable Miyota 821A, flipped upside-down – a nod to MB&F’s HM3 and HM8. Time is displayed laterally thanks to revolving hour and minute cylinders, engraved and boosted with Super-LumiNova.


Back in time, the first M.A.D.1 released in 2021 was recognizable by its blue details; it was offered exclusively to MB&F suppliers, “the Friends”, and to members of “The Tribe”, the brand’s owners’ club. However, feedback on the M.A.D.1 was so positive that a new version was promised for 2022, this time available to a wider public: the M.A.D.1 RED, such as the present watch.

The M.A.D.1 RED is built on the same platform as the original M.A.D.1, with the same innovative case structure. It has the same lateral time display, with two rotating cylinders for the hours and minutes. The modified, inverted Miyota movement, selected for its unidirectional winding (essential for easy, high-speed rotation) is powered by a three-bladed titanium and tungsten winding rotor, the star of the show – especially when the Super-LumiNova comes into play! But the M.A.D.1 RED also has its own characteristics: the original blue has been changed for a cherry red, the bezel surrounding the rotor is a little thinner, and winding and time setting is now done with a more classic round crown.

The M.A.D.1 RED was first offered to fans who took the time to write and e-mail after the 2021 release. Following confirmation of these priority orders, the remaining M.A.D.1 RED pieces were allocated through a random draw, open to all for a two-week period in March-April 2022. During this two-week period, over 20,000 people registered for the draw.

With its lateral display time, reversed movement, futurist looking, the model has quickly become sought-after among collectors worldwide.

Condition: in mint condition, full-set, first owner



Brand: MB&F

Model: M.A.D 1

Reference: M.A.D 1 RED RAFFLE (Mechanical Art Devices)

Year: 2022

Material: stainless steel

Movement: inverted Miyota 821A, winding rotor in titanium and tungsten

Functions: self-winding

Bracelet: leather with stainless steel deployant clasp

Water-resistant: yes, tested

Dimensions:  42 mm. diam,  Thickness 18.80  mm.

Accessories: rechargeable UV light, pouch, presentation box and outer packaging



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