Ploprof New old Stock

OMEGA, SEAMASTER 600, Second Generation,  aka PLOPROF, N.O.S condition


The living legend Proplof started with ref. 166.0077, First generation. The first generation watches were simply marked « 600 » on the dial, where as the second generation, ref. ST166.0077, were marked « 600m/2000Ft ». Probably for a commercial reason, as all elements were unchanged, because the price on the model was twice a single Submariner. The Omega Ploprof is the ultimate divers wristwatch, far ahead the standard divers watches available at the time, surpassing the most demanding expectations of professional divers, after more than 4 years of researches. Let’s discover how.

– the large asymetric case is shaped from a single block of stainless steel. This monobloc construction was patented no. CH480.680, on the July 1967. In This monobloc construction, water may only ingress from two enters, the o-ring crystal and the crown. The case design is so well built and robust, that the watch was not only be waterresistant to 600m, like others diver’s wristwatches, but also gazes-resistant without using an escape valve. While others companies worked with helium escape valves, to solve the problem of the crystal popping during decompression due to the helium absorption, Omega preferred to create an impenetrable case. With its impressive dimension figures, the watch remains wearable. Even better than a submarine, Omega team succeeded in creating a vaccuum within the case such that « it would take a one thousand years, at a normal pressure, for the air to again penetrate the case ». In the book Omega Saga, we can discover that one of these watches was tested in a pressure chamber, where it continued to function until 137 atmospheres, the equivalent of 1370 meters of depth, in fact three time the depth indicates on the dial!.

The flat back is set with horizontal anti-slip  groove pattern.

– the bezel bearing the decompression times, has to be highly reliable in its use. The diver uses the bezel to time his remaining diving session before to be out of air. Omega adds a secured lock. The bezel cannot be turned and allonge the diving time (as well as reduce the life’s diver in the meantime) without a strong push on the red button in the band. This bezel locking device was a world first, in the manner, that it could also be used under water with the diver’s glosses on.

– a brand new and special locking crown device appears under patent 503.310, in 1968. Together with a large protective device, once locked,  the system is totally hermetic by using a sur-compression on the quality o-rings, three in total. Trained eyes will also notice that the watch is « left-handed », the winding crown was placed on the left, at 9, to prevent and minimize the risk of damaging or inadvertently manipulating the crown while submerged.

– whereas others were using hesalite glasses, Omega choose a thick mineral glass, scratches resistant

– the movement is not hold inside the case with screws, but is part of a complex sandwich, where all the layers under pressure become even more solid. Omega fits in that case, a reliable self-winding movement, with date, in order to know for the diver the exact date. Caliber 1002, see Omega archival picture, copper colored, with 20 jewels, shock absorbers, that beat at 28,800A/h and had a power reserve of 42h.

– a large and highly readable blue dial with large painted luminous indexes and hands, as a proper diving watch must have an improved legibility at depth.Reason why the minute hand is also is an orange color. Dial, case and movement are signed.

Since its launch, the Ploprof is a remarquable tool for professional diver, in french Plongeur Professionnel (Plo-Prof) and was revolutionary in many aspects. The watch is landmark model. Omega launched in 2009 a re-edition of the model (see ICONEEK archivals), but dropped the monobloc design, making the watch easier to service. Our watch is fitted with the original ISOFRANE bracelet, an ultra light and resistant rubber strap. Trained eyes will also notice the original Omega buckle signed with the logo on the large pin. This watch will be also delivered with a stainless steel Omega shark bracelet.

In unpolished, unworn, original condition, this Ploprof is the kind of the watch, we love to hate. Difficult to wear with a suit or casual, this watch is in the meantime a eyes-catching machine. May be one can wish a slimmer case, a more daily wearable version, however this watch makes no concession to esthetic and no one can stay  frozen in front of such a technical achieved project. Omega launched in 1971, a 1000m diving watch, the Seamaster 1000m/330ft, under ref. ST166.0093, however, The PloProf remains the graal of diving watches, a sea « monster »,  an exceptional professional tool, a master of the oceans. With its very unique place in the diving watchmaking history, this true icon showed the way to all the next diving watches.

The hottest wristwatch of coldest deepest seas!!

Condition: 9.8/10, new old stock, as good as any demanding collector would look for.

Brand: Omega

Model: Seamaster PloProf

Year : 1979

Reference: ST166’077

Movement no.:  33142103

Case no.: –

Material: stainless steel

Bracelet:  rubber with Omega buckle

Functions:  hms, date

Dial: blue

Movement: cal. 1002, self-winding

Water-resistant: yes, 600m.

Dimensions: 45 x 55 mm. thickness: 14   mm.

Accessories: additional  stainless steel shark bracelet, later presentation box, Extract from the Archives

Ref. ICO: 99-16-030